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About Textiles From India And Types of Fabrics online

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About Textiles Industry

India is the second biggest manufacturer of textile fiber in India. The textile industry employs many employees. The textile industry deals in two portions the first part is handloom, handicraft which is operated by traditional tools and methods (handmade). The second portion is apparel/ garments which are operated by modern techniques or machines. Textile is the transformation of fiber into yarn and yarn into fabric. These fabrics are dyed or printed and then made the cloth.

Types of fabric

There are many types of fabric produced by the textile industry like Cotton Fabric, Silk Fabric, Linen Fabric, Wool Fabric, Leather Fabric, Ramie Fabric, Hemp Fabric, Jute Fabric, Velvet Fabric, Denim Fabric, Rayon Fabric, Georgette Fabric,  Viscose Fabric, Gray Fabric, etc.

Most useful fabrics Online

Cotton Fabrics: This fabric is mostly used by humans. Large use of cotton fabric for children's dresses or weddings. Cotton fabric has a unique feature that it sets easily with climatic requirements that are why it is called all-season fabric. In the summer season, the cotton fabric keeps the body cool and absorbs the sweat easily whereas, they give a warm feel if worn in the winter season. Buy Cotton fabric online

Silk Fabrics: Silk fabric is mainly used for producing costly dresses and home furnishings. this fabric is soft, glow, beautiful, and luxurious look, silk fabric is one of the higher grade fabrics providing comfort to the wearer in all types of weather.

Linen Fabrics: Linen is called a leader of natural fabric. Linen is broadly used for garments making and home furnishing too. Linen, being a natural fiber is considered to be best for all types of skin. Linen fabric is also recommended for sensitive skin as its natural properties make it good results for allergies.

Linen fabric does not cause troubles like irritation, allergic reaction, etc. The natural fiber of linen makes it powerful and durable. Linen is an easily sustainable fabric. No special processes are required for linen and it can be easily washed by hand. Although linen is useful for all kinds of apparel, yet mostly used for home furnishing products like curtains, table cloth, quilts, cushions etc.

Rayon Fabrics: Rayon is a textile made of semi-synthetic thread. This makes it a smooth and comfortable material.
Because the material also has a luxury appearance is it a most used fabric in the apparel industry. Because comfort and luxury turn out to be a desirable combination.



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