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Rayon Fabric – Meaning, Uses, Properties, Characteristics

Rayon fabric or viscose is a manufactured natural-based material that is made from the cellulose fiber obtained from wood pulp or cotton. It is a low-cost and comfortable fiber to work with and lends itself to diverse uses. There are several grades of cloth that can imitate the look and texture of other natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and silk. The different types of fabric include viscose, modal, and lyocell.

The most common use for rayon fabric is to make various articles of clothing and home-ware, such as blankets, sheets, and curtains. Rayon can be used for making tire cords and medical products.

Advantages of rayon viscose 

  •  Drapes easily
  • Reasonable but looks and feels luxurious
  •  Dyes simply resulting in vibrant colors
  •  Some alternatives of rayon are known for their silk-like touch
  • Breathable fabric
  •  Blends fine with other fibers

Disadvantages of rayon viscose

  •  Can get burned while ironing
  • Not a very strong material and further so, when exposed to sun or moisture
  •  The manufacturing method is harmful to the environment and the safety of the workers if the chemicals used are not managed carefully.
  • Can shrink when cleaned thus has to be dry-cleaned.

Uses of viscose or rayon

  • Clothing: Clothing accessories such as jackets, blouses, dresses, hats, elegant suits, trousers, t-shirts, sportswear, underwear, etc.
  • Interior decoration: Used for blankets, curtains, upholstery fabrics, tablecloths, bedspreads, sheets, covers, etc.
  •  Industry: For the cover of industrial products (for example, high-resolution rayon), the surface of healing medical products, non-woven goods or for the lining of tires.
  • Other uses: For the production of some feminine hygiene products goods.

Care For Or Treat Garments of Rayon Fabric

Rayon garments make a group of synthetic materials. Their production and manufacturing materials make intimate clothes, and household articles made of this mixture have an appearance, and it feels similar to cotton and silk fabric, although depending on their type may thin and shrink when wet, or may become reduced durability depending on the treatment they are delivered.

Moreover, the color they have absorbed can instantly become detached with lousy treatment, making them fade in a short period. So special care of this type of rayon or viscose garments needs a particular procedure, which can be followed in the order of steps, which can be simple for those who know the method.

In the various cases, rayon fabric garments are not so durable, as they are excellent in some cases, and are highly sensitive to today’s classic washing method, which causes them to shrink in most of the cases. So it is a great idea to read the description before entering the washing machine.

Right Way to Wash Rayon Viscose Garments and Accessories

He first and the most crucial thing is to read the garment label description even before you purchase it, to know if you will be able to go directly into the laundry machine or if you will have to clean dry.

It is not all rayon cloth that can get wet, e.g., ordinary rayon garments do no have excellent water resistance, in contrast to modal garments. It is hence desirable to check the label first to understand if it is safe to place them in the laundry machine. If you mean the opposite, you must take into account that when cleaning them, you must take more exceptional care to preserve them. The label shows that they can be put into the washing machine, it indicates that they are prepared with HWM rayon, which presents it safe to wet them. These things are recommended for people who do not have enough time or do not need to do extra work to clean them, as they can start the washing machine along with their regular clothes and thus save a lot of time. This is possible if the cloth has been associated with some other resistant material that provides water resistance.

Whatever the process of washing, it should bear in mind that rayon is a fragile material and should, therefore, be treated with care. Differently, it may be fade, shrink, or even tear while being cleaned.

Smoothing and Ironing Measures For Rayon Fabric

Proper care should be taken not only when washing rayon garments but also when ironing or flattening them. Those fabrics are delicate in every way, and rolling them wrongly could shorten, fade, or burn them.

For pressing rayon garments, it is advised to use the low heats of the press, as long configurations of the same can heat.

The usual method when executing this task is to move the iron in straight lines and raise it quickly to return from the starting position, not backward, and go forward repeatedly, as is familiar with other garments. This could cause a lot of stress in the cloth, so be careful with such actions is suggested.

It should be noted that rayon cloth could take a little shine when coming into connection with the temperature of the iron, so you can get into account when knowing if you want to iron for the head to retain the shine or the other side to hide it when wearing.

You can also think using a protecting barrier on the garment to avoid that shine that leaves the heat. This is done by placing another garment that acts as a barrier, something like a beautiful towel that helps contact but allows heat to pass by so that the cloth can be pressed.

Several people usually use aluminum foil, but that is not recommended. If it is not done with extreme care, the aluminum foil could heat and burn the material.

This method could become more tedious and long-lasting, but the result is just as great and will protect the garment longer, so the effort is deserving it.

Last consideration, it should be carried into the account that some rayon garments do not withstand much water, so it is prudent not to steam them to prevent them from shrinking or losing their strength.

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