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Types Of Cotton Fabrics In India For Dresses

Cotton fabrics in India best for dress designing. They are broadly available and come in a massive variety of textures from lightweight lawn and voile to heavy-weight velvets and moleskin. They are generally easy to sew, durable, comfortable, and easy to wash. It is merely one of the most popular dressmaking textiles around the world. There is quite a broad range in quality and price. Cotton tends to shrink so you’ll need to pre-wash your stuff before you begin stitching — more than 100 million (480-pound bales) in production all over the globe.

Main types of Cotton fabric

Before Buying the cotton fabrics in India, you know about the types of cotton fabric :

  • Voile: it is so lightweight, plain-weave cotton material which is slightly see-through. Voile lining fabric soft and thin so drapes and collects well. Voile can be both plains or printed and it generally used for blouses, dresses, and children’s clothes. You will require to make any seams and darts as neat as possible as they usually show through to the right side. French seams often used for thin cloths. Washing Care, gentle machine wash, and cold iron.
  • Cambric: it is a plain-weave cotton fabric that is delicate, smooth, and firm-textured as it’s tightly woven, often used for tops & Kurti and children’s garments. Care: machine wash and heated press, pressing while damp.
  • Muslin: A medium-weight, woven stuff of cotton or cotton/polyester compounds of the plain weave. They used a wide variety of sheers and sheeting. It is bleached and undyed. It is incredibly economical and comes in a good range of weights and fineness.
  • Madras cotton: A lightweight, breathable cotton with a typically patterned form, often in brightly colored plaid designs, used primarily for warm-weather apparel.
  • Poplin: it is also defined as cotton broadcloth. Moderate-weight, tightly woven, plain weave cotton fabric, which is simple to sew. It’s incredibly versatile and often used for Tops, blouses, and suits. It can be pure cotton or mixed with polyester. Washing Care: machine washing and warm press using a pressing cloth.
  • Polycotton – This is a combination of polyester and cotton, sometimes 50-50 but usually 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Commonly, it is a lightweight plain-weave material that is durable and crease-resistant. The downside is that it is less breathable than cotton, so it can be sweaty if worn close to the skin. Uses include aprons, children’s dresses, and non-iron shirts and skirts. Washing Care: machine wash and heated iron.
  • Quilting cotton: it is also known as patchwork, printed, or craft cotton. These are light- to medium-weight plain-weave cloths which have been reasonably strictly woven – there’s a wide variety of printed materials available. They’re often used for tops, tunics, skirts, and dresses. Washing Care: machine wash and warm iron.

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